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NKS International



Born in 1993 in Paris suburbs (93) +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ Started with 2 guys playing "stealing machines" (samplers) full of an industrial hiphop punk hardcore spirit +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ Free music from experimental, breakbeat, darkdub, death hip hop to darkpop, digital hardcore, darkstep drum'n'bass, grindcore metal & breakcore +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ Tapes then cd-r then a netlabel in 2007 +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ Videos & more on our website

if you want to contact us : +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ godscalp [AT NO SPAM] +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ website+-+ facebook page+-+ facebook group+-+ twitter+-+myspace+-+discogs +-+reverbnation +-+dogmazik +-+soundcloud +-+sonic squirrel


!!!20 YEARS OF NKS Compilation!!!
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out june 2013
NKS prod 100
100 traxx - total time : 6h40
bands & musicians worlwide
digital punkcore / melodic glitch / dancecore darkdrum / industrial terror
donations will help us to create a physical version of this compilation


audio 121


NKS International 110
breakcore 59
NKS 52
drum'n'bass 32
hardcore 28
metal 27
noise 23
Toulouse 18
experimental 18
jungle 18
electro 16
speedcore 16
France 15
industrial 15
punk 15
idm 14
breakbeat 13
darkstep 13
dubstep 13
dub 12
mashup 12
grindcore 11
hip hop 10
cybergrind 9
digital hardcore 7
Batard Tronique 6
dark 6
electronica 6
techno 6
terror 6
electronics 5
glitch 5
Belarus 4
Psykoxxx 4
Saint-Malo 4
acid 4
dancecore 4
dubcore 4
electropunk 4
gabber 4
ragga 4
trash 4
weird 4
8bit 3
Buben 3
Chicago 3
Poland 3
Porion 3
ambient 3
cold 3
digital punk 3
electrogrind 3
extratone 3
groove 3
harshnoise 3
hiphop 3
indus 3
noiserock 3
rock 3
8 bit 2
8-bit 2
Argentina 2
Athmosfear Soundcontrol 2
Australia 2
Baconhanger 2
Barcelona 2
Bassookah 2
Brasil 2
Brat 2
Bulgaria 2
Burglecut 2
Cold Metal Future 2
Colombia 2
Germany 2
Horion 2
Japan 2
Killabomb 2
Killerbomb 2
Krotok Morvax Predikator 2
Lille 2
Mexico 2
Michael Jackson 2
Murdarah 2
NKS international 2
Netherlands 2
Nine Inch Nails 2
Russia 2
Slayer 2
Sociopath Recordings 2
Subbase 2
Submission Lies 2
Tokyo 2
Tooth Eye 2
UK 2
Witness Theater 2
abstract 2
amen 2
avant garde 2
blast 2
breaks 2
dark dnb 2
darkhop 2
destruction 2
digital grindcore 2
dnb 2
electrocore 2
electrorock 2
grind 2
hard jungle 2
heavy 2
noisecore 2
reggae 2
trashcore 2
1993 1
45 hxC Krew 1
75 1
80s covers 1
93 1
9375NKS 1
Abbé Pierre 1
Aden Ohm 1
Airbag Killex 1
Akani 1
Alice Donut 1
Ankole Watusi 1
Antwerp 1
Argiflex 1
Atari Teenage Riot 1
Austria 1
Azealia Banks 1
Bach 1
Barbara 1
Batard tronique 1
Beethoven 1
Belgium 1
Biohazard 1
Black Sabbath 1
Blood Open cage 1
Bob Marley 1
Bouwakanja 1
Breakcore 1
Broken 1
Bryon Gysin 1
Burgle Cut 1
Caen 1
Camille 1
Cheb Lahbitri 1
Checy 1
Combine 1
Coreback Records 1
Corruption 1
Cunt 1
DJ Kaos 1
DPP 1 1
Dead Kennedys 1
Death 1
Denmark 1
Diabolik Baze 1
Dr. Kontra 1
Draggstarr 1
Egg Hunt 1
Enduser 1
Eraplee Noisewall Orchestra 1
Experimental 1
Fat 1
Finland 1
Foetus 1
G4z 1
Gabber 1
Gangsta Paradise 1
Glasgow 1
GlitchSteppa 1
Goddess 1
Graz 1
Hey 1
Hitchhking robot 1
Hortefeux 1
Ill 1
Irreverent 1
Israel 1
Istanbul 1
J7 1
Jail 1
John Faustus 1
Date Archived
NKS International
Lima El3ctronica started with concerts in Lima, the capital city of Peru. It is now a compilation of artists from Peru, Argentina, Colombia, Germany, France and Spain released by Tacuara Producciones. The 19 tracks are a patchwork of more than 30 years of electronic music from synthpop, EBM & techno, to digital hardcore, electroclash & IDM. Tacuara Producciones NKS International NKS prod 49 - april 2010
( 1 reviews )
Topics: Lima, ebm, techno, electro pop, electroclash, digital hardcore, experimental, industrial, NKS...
NKS International
first ep by Mozart Khadaffi on NKS International label alternative rock, metal indus NKS prod 44 - jan 2010 Mozart Khadaffi myspace
Topics: Mozart Khadaffi, NKS International, alternative, rock, metal indus, Foetus, Nine Inch Nails, Denmark
"Deicida 69 is a newcomer on NKS from Mexico.His double album should seduce people who likes legendary cold punk-gothic-early indus bands like Bauhaus, Psychic TV or Joy Division.One can guess a true passion for litterature and revolution : the Beat Generation writers famous for their avant-garde poetry, provocative happenings & experiences of drugs or the Marquis of Sade and his sexual wanderings alongside young women somewhere between pain & pleasure. D69 is also clearly...
Topics: dark punk, early indus, free jazz, experimental, gothic, marquis of Sade, Bryon Gysin, Mexico, NKS,...
NKS International
by Witness Theater
Witness Theater ep on NKS International dark drum'n'noise 5 tracks + bonus live/clip - 2008 - NKS prod 34
Topics: Witness Theater, NKS International, drum'n'bass, drum'n'noise
NKS International
by Eraplee Noisewall Orchestra
1st ep on NKS International label 4 trax - 2009 breakcore grind rave
Topics: Eraplee Noisewall Orchestra, breakcore, rave, cybergrind, digital grindcore, grindcore, NKS...
first ep by Satan on NKS International label breakcore speedcore darkstep from Russia oct. 2010 NKS prod 55 Satan website NKS website
Topics: Satan, breakcore, speedcore, darkstep, NKS International, Russia, Death
NKS International
by Batard Tronique
2nd release by Batard Tronique on NKS International label jungle drum'n'bass dub breakcore NKS prod 43 - 2009
Topics: batard tronique, NKS International, breakcore, dub, drum'n'bass, dark, jungle
NKS International
first NKS International tématik v/a 24 traxx - 2009 from noise & drumnbass to punkgrind & breakcore
Topics: lift muzak, NKS international, noise, drum'n'bass, breakcore, punk, grind, breakbeat, harsh,...
Best of GRRZZZ, french industrial electropunk band 2010/12/03 - 10 trax from 3 albums "un peu de souplesse dans les barbelés" - 2002 - Sordide Sentimental & Groumf disques "optima ferox" - 2006 - Maloka & Groumf Disques & D-TRASH (free download) "dans le sens du poil" - 2010 - Maloka, Sordide Sentimental, Karaoke666, Noway asso & Groumf Disques NKS prod 56 GRRZZZ website NKS website
Topics: grrzzz, electropunk, punk, indus, France, NKS International, Ministry, Suicide, Atari Teenage Riot
10 drum'n'bass (+ breakcore, dubstep, jungle) remixes of famous hits (metal, rock, pop, reggae & more) on NKS International NKS prod 53 John Faustus myspace NKS website
Topics: John Faustus, NKS International, France, drum'n'bass, breakcore, dubstep, jungle, Dead Kennedys,...
NKS International
"When rough metal meets hard electronics... This amazing mixture created by the 2 men band from Lille (France) Mind Muncher contains dubcore / harddrum / breakcore beats, complex metal vocal work & other instruments like metal guitar, free jazz sax or noise synths. Fans of Eustachian, Drumcorps, Whourkr or Mike Patton vocal performances, you should appreciate this really good release." Otto Psy [NKS International] first ep by Mind Muncher on NKS International free label 6 traxxx -...
Topics: Mind Muncher, NKS International, electrocore, metal, metalcore, dubcore, hard drum, breakcore, Lille
NKS International
by Sonic Astrionics
1st ep by Sonic Astrionics on NKS International netlabel [astro dub from Kentucky - 9 trax - NKS prod 41 - 2009]
Topics: NKS International, astro dub, electro dub, dub, Kentucky
4 track ep by Baconhanger on NKS International jan 2012 NKS prod 72 Baconhanger soundcloud NKS website "15 minutes of hard & intense electronic sounds by Baconhanger from Midwest, US. One could say it's gabber and breakcore, dubstep and industrial, but it's really special. It is still weird & extreme, even if there's a real evolution in Baconhanger's music comparing to his other releases on Bad taste or Sociopath Recordings. This ep is the soundtrack of Jesus' descent into the...
Topics: breakcore, gabber, dubstep, industrial, Baconhanger, NKS International, Shitcago, Chicago
NKS release page Akani Stupeed webpage Dr. Kontra webpage NKS website "Irreverent studio is a weird place in the BCN area where brutal breakcore sound terrorism meets sex magic ritual fantasy. In 2010/11, Akani el muerto from Barcelona & Dr. Kontra Encefalisis from Mexico city composed in the studio this 7 track lp made of noises, synths, samples, guitar and vocals. nOname (Akani's partner in Stupeed) & Cheap Vudu joined their force to build "The Clear track", an extreme...
Topics: breakcore, terror, speedcore, hardcore, noise, Akani, Stupeed, Irreverent, Dr. Kontra, Mexico,...
first Bassookah ep on NKS International - oct. 2010 drum'n'bass grindcore from the Netherlands NKS prod 54 Bassookah website NKS website
Topics: Bassookah, NKS International, grindcore, cybergrind, electrogrind, drum'n'bass grindcore, trash,...
[en] "End of a very prolific year for the NKS (34 releases !). Our newcomer Ulcerium aka Mahdi Riahi is our first musician from the african continent / Tunisia. Ben Ali left power 2 years ago but deception followed hope in the country. No interest in extreme rock or hard electronics there. He went to live in Nancy (France) few months ago. Mahdi is really multitalented : vocals / guitar / bass / drum & synth programming / recording / mixing / mastering / logo / cover design. Check...
Topics: jungle, hard jungle, idm, electronica, breakbeat, breaks, breakcore, metal, Michael Jackson, Cheb...
5 track ep on NKS International muzakillabel feb 2012 "The Lobotomic Garden can be found somewhere in La Coruna, Spain. You cannot hear the birds sing there because the garden keeper -Wrictor Mazo Caca- plays loud heavy weight speedcore with samples & breaks. You cannot find flowers or fruits to eat there but lots of huge pussies stuck on crosses and manipulated by evil hands. From god to pussies, from death to birth, visiting this place is a unique experience. And last but not least,...
Topics: speedcore, NKS International, breakcore, metal, metallica, gabber
"Here is a compilation of songs made between 2009 & 2012 by TalixZen from Toronto / Canada. The crazy man seems to be really addicted to amenbreaks, nervous BPM & sample deconstruction. He composes jungle breakcore in all its forms or so. "Imperial March of Doom !" is into classical martial jungle, "And Now For Something Else" is a jazzy jungle breakbeat track, "Is This Some Kind Of Joke ? is a kind of nintendocore mixed with ragga & metal, "Do Not...
Topics: TalixZen, NKS International, breakcore, jungle, 8-bit, dubstep, hardcore, jazzy, breakbeat,...
"Cow-boy killer "à dada sur ton bidet", this compilation is for you ! Fun & music only. To destroy like children do, with method & intelligence, this is Speedbass contribution to music & fun, tap tadap tap tadap. Breakcore, jungle, hardcore, drum'n'bass, noise, country, fuckcore, dubstep, 8-bit, mashup, poppop, cacaboudin, all muzakill genres inside. Speedbass is back, and doctors did very very good job, my friend. Yeeee-haaaaa!" Otto Psy [NKS International]...
Topics: speedbass, NKS, Robo!Robotica, fun, breakcore, noise, experimental, dubstep, 8 bit, mashup, Tooth...
"Athmosfear Soundcontrol is a metal addict cyborg living in Prague, Czech Rep. He mixes hard electronic sounds and rhythms (speedcore/breakcore/hopcore) with metal guitars and vocals. Fear, death, violence, this is the kinda stuff he's talking about. To be a cyborg... or not to be." Otto Psy [NKS International] NKS prod 74 Athmosfear Soundcontrol on Reverbnation Athmosfear Soundcontrol on Facebook NKS website
Topics: extremecore, terror, breakcore, speedcore, metal, NKS International, Athmosfear Soundcontrol
5 track ep by Killabomb on NKS International muzakillabel (hardcore - breakcore - core'n'bass from UK/Brasil) "Back on the NKS ! ( Check NKS prod 45 ) I'm sure you will appreciate the evolution of the Kbomb. Plenty of new victims of his hard style should be counted. His target is somewhere between breakcore and hardcore drum'n'bass or core'n'bass crowds. Do you wanna be exploded like I am, in the best sense of the word ?! Come and listen the Kbomb, you will not be disapointed." Otto...
Topics: Killabomb, Killerbomb, NKS International, hardcore, breakcore, core'n'bass
"First release by Akira Sato's sideproject : coakira. First release for 2013 & from Japan on the NKS ! Akira Sato is a techno artist, member of CustomMummy & AKIRADEATH, famous digital hardcore band from Tokyo. coakira is a mix of all kind of heavy electronic beats from dub to speedcore with techno synths, software guitars & vocal samples, excepting on "Gewalt" ft. OZIGIRI as piggy vocalist. Heavy dancefloor tracks for crazy futuristic crowds, enjoy!" Otto Psy...
Topics: coakira, snakepit, digital hardcore, techno, dub, speedcore, acid, Tokyo, Japan, NKS, NKS...
NKS International
debut album by Diabolik Baze on NKS International 10 traxxx - march 2012 Release webpage DIABOLIK BAZE webpage NKS INTL website [en] "Here is the first album by Diabolik Baze after 10 years of sound activism in South-West France, from hardtek & hardcore to breakcore & speedcore. This is not easy-listening but nice melodies before storm, hard-knocking & broken beats, complexe compositions & destruction of sound. Dark, experimental & extreme." [fr] "Diabolik...
Topics: Diabolik Baze, NKS International, speedcore, hardcore, breakcore, experimental, idm
5 trax ep by Ohmega Sir on NKS International [NKS prod 68 - 2011-10-24] "From Glasgow - Scotland, Ohmega Sir produces powerful jungle breakcore with some gabber & ragga inside. He is a masterchief in micro-deconstruction of sounds, syncopated beats & epileptic explosions. He is also invincible, but not schizophrene, he feels fine. Punx said "no future", cyberpunk Ohmega Sir says "empty future", tell me what's the difference, man ?! Don't forget to check his...
Topics: breakcore, Ohmega Sir, NKS International, Glasgow, hard jungle, gabber, ragga
third lp by Batard Tronique on NKS International 10 trax - jan 2011 breakcore hardcore breakcore from France NKS prod 59 Batard Tronique webpage NKS website
Topics: Batard Tronique, NKS International, breakcore, hardcore, Saint-Malo, France
NKS International
by Batard Tronique
first Batard Tronique ep on NKS International [NKS prod 40 - 2009] [electro breakcore drum'n'bass]
Topics: electro, breakcore, drum'n'bass, ragga, NKS International, Saint-Malo
4th album by Batard Tronique on NKS International label funky mashup breakcore punk 2011-11-12 NKS prod 69 Batard Tronique webpage NKS International webpage
Topics: Batard Tronique, catin, breakcore, mashup, funk, punk, NKS International, Saint-Malo
"Do you like to dance ? This is Jungle Drum'n'bass ! Do you like to fuck with pigs from space ? This is grindcore ! And if you like both, Bassookah is all you need ! 22 traxxx and 25 minutes, they are back on NKS International for our greatest pleasure. Aliens pigs, Darwin, Mickey Mouse's Cadaver, Emo folk & Satan are some of the main characters while disintegration, groove, violence, destabilization & survival are some of the main occupations. I'm not afraid to say that Bassookah...
Topics: Bassookah, NKS International, grindcore, drum'n'bass, cybergrind
[fr] 13 octobre 2012 : le NKS International Muzakillabel est très heureux de vous présenter une sélection maison de 2X20 morceaux issus des productions gUrdUlU. Et parce qu'un bonheur n'arrive jamais seul, comme le dit la chouette, ce même 13 octobre 2012 gUrdUlU présente une sélection maison de 2X20 morceaux issus des productions NKS : Sick of ET Définir gUrdUlU en quelques mots n'est pas exercice facile. Disons que c'est un weblabel musical DIY, adepte du potlatch,...
Topics: gurdUlU, UUU, U, experimental, punk, noise, weird, pop, covers, 80s covers, electro, No Means No,...
"Hey lovers of amen breaks & hardcore kicks, this is heavy weight breakcore from Japan !KenKo Taiji already made eps for Mock Radar & Hormonal Vibrationz and he is back now. Vocal samples fun destruction in traxx 1 & 2. Track 3 starts with a sweet nice melody, followed by a progressive ascent until breakcore heights and comes down again.Too short & very intense - This is life."[Otto Psy - NKS International]release pageartist pageNKS website
Topics: breakcore, hardcore, 8-bit, raggacore, idm, electronica, NKS, NKS International
first ep by Psykoxxx aka Batard Tronique on NKS International free label may 2011 darkstep drum'n'bass metal rap from France NKSprod62 Psykoxxx webpage NKS website "Psykoxxx aka Batard Tronique mixes hard electronics -darkstep drum'n'bass- with rap vocals or metal guitars & vocals. It seems he wants to create the atmosphere of the next generation war. Who knows who'll fight ? Who knows what for ? Who cares ? Be sure Psykoxxx would give my life to save his skin ! Life is a serious game....
Topics: Psykoxxx, NKS International, drum'n'bass, darkstep, metal, techstep, Batard Tronique
We are proud to present : "20 YEARS OF NKS Compilation" NKS MAIN RELEASE PAGE NKS prod 100 - 100 bands / musicians worlwide FREE DOWNLOAD HERE OR MAKE A DONATION (from 0.5 $ each side) : 1 - DIGITAL PUNKCORE SIDE2 - MELODIC GLITCH SIDE3 - DANCECORE DARKDRUM SIDE4 - INDUSTRIAL TERROR "20 years of shit in a perfect world" "20 years of suicide just for fun" "20 years of lies to succeed in life" "20 years of murder to masturbate" "20 years of...
Topics: digital punk, digital grindcore, metal, hardcore, glitch, weird, trash, speedcore, breakcore,...
"Psykoxxx is a side project of Batard Tronique. This second release on NKS is a personal form of darkstep and a kinda space opera. The Martian Venus Goddess hates human beings "vilains méchants". Battles rage for a long time. Her troups bring hell on planet earth. Who win the war ?" Otto Psy [NKS International] release page artist page NKS website
Topics: darkstep, space opera, Psykoxxx, chainsaw music, electro, hardcore, idm, breakbeat, Mars, Martian,...
NKS International
by Burglecut
Burglecut ep on NKS International label 5 tracks - 2008 - NKS prod 31
Topics: Burglecut, breakcore, metal, jungle, NKS International
[fr] "Un peu de douceur noire au milieu de la testostérone en barre et du carnage gratuit : l'album d'Adviruz alias Pinar Akbay sort sur le NKS International. Le premier morceau "Come Close" annonce la couleur. La voix de Pinar est aérienne et sensuelle, sombre, lyrique et inquiétante, portée par des compositions à la rencontre de l'electronica, du trip hop, de l'industriel et du glitch. On pense à Bjork, Dead Can Dance ou encore Cocteau Twins. Le dernier...
Topics: adviruz, pinar abkay, trip hop, dark, electronica, metal, electronics, industrial, dreamy, NKS, NKS...
"We had Killabomb vs Burglecut [prod 45], here is the new breakcore NKS challenge for fun & glory. Both champions are not new on the NKS, you can check their older releases [prod 71 & 74]. Goblin from evil with fast breaks versus terrorist bulldozer heavy weight. Mashup delirium from rave to jungle speedcore by MINDSTR3AM (ex-Takadatek) from Rome versus metal terror speedcore destruction by ATHMOSFEAR SOUNDCONTROL from Prague. Different styles but the same appetite for sound...
Topics: breakcore, speedcore, mashup, jungle, terror, Athmosfear Soundcontrol, MINDSTR3AM, NKS, NKS...
last & lost trax (2007-2009) by Horion (born 2000 - dead 2010) 4 trax - 2010/12/04 #2 & 3 from Beautiful Carnage compilation 1 & 2 # 4 from MARASM 20 & "Lift Muzak" NKS prod 39 NKS prod 57 Horion website NKS website the man behind HORION is now PORION, other times, other instruments, other stylee check his first ep here
Topics: Horion, drum'n'bass, breakcore, darkhop, hip hop, NKS International, Scorn, Techno Animal, Panacea,...
NKS International
first ep by Mastaroth on NKS International free label Mastaroth already gaves us a track on "Lift Muzak" compilation (NKSprod39) jan 2011 - break metal NKS prod 60 Mastaroth website NKS website
Topics: Mastaroth, NKS International, metal, break, breakbeat, hardcore, hip hop, Biohazard, Pantera,...
"Colombian-german producers S.T.H. are focused on drum'n'bass but they like to experiment using all of their musical influences. "FUCK YOUR CORPORATE GREEDY WAR !!!" as they say. They started playing in Colombia in the metal band Occisor and decided to create in 2004 an electronic project involving music and visuals. They released few tracks on their own label X-Tractor and here is now a 6 tracks NKS ep - urban, dark and corrosive, bringing us to trance for Evil's sake. So...
Topics: S.T.H., STH, NKS International, drum'n'bass, darkstep, dubstep, Colombia, Germany, X-tractor
NKS International
by Nei Licis
second lp by Nei Licis on NKS International label (explosive drumnbass jungle from Toulouse - SW France)
( 1 reviews )
Topics: jungle, drum'n'bass, NKS International, electro, Toulouse
22 bands cover GRRZZZ release page GRRZZZ webpage NKS website Tracklist + band's websites and location : 101- MOSSU ( SANS) RAYA - Pou (Genève, CH) 102- KIMMO - I want to be a cowboy (Paris, FR) 103- K'ATLA - High Tide (Frankfurt, DE) 104 - O-GRAVOS - Multimix (south, FR) 105- MISSFIST - Martial Trader (Paris, FR) 106- LA CASA FANTOM -...
Topics: GRRZZZ, punk, electropunk, grindcore, metal, dancecore, surf, cabaret, freak, drum'n'bass,...
NKS International
by Buben
first lp of Buben on NKS International netlabel electro noise gabber breakcore free download
Topics: Buben, NKS International, Noise, Experimental, Breakcore, Jungle, Gabber, Belarus
breakcore international riot !!! 2 trax by Killerbomb (Brasil-UK) 2 trax by Burgle Cut (France) NKS International label NKS prod 45 - 2010
Topics: breakcore, Killerbomb, Burgle Cut, NKS International
first lp by Brat on NKS International hardcore metal breakcore & politics 12 trax - may 2011 NKS prod 63 Brat webpage NKS International website
Topics: hardcore, politics, politique, politique fiction, outrance, breakcore, metal, Brat, NKS...
4 track ep on NKS International by Takadatek from Roma "Takadatek is a breakcore speedcore (& more) wildly enthusiastic musician from Roma, Italy. His 4 track ep on NKS contains high speed jungle mashup madness, hardcore kicks and many breaks and surprises. You should let Takadatek come into your ears, he is a good dj at zomby parties. Don't be afraid, he only wanna have fun with you, John Wayne, Jim Morrison and few other good friends." Otto Psy [NKS International] NKS prod 71...
Topics: Takadatek, NKS International, breakcore, speedcore, mashup
first lp by KRoToK MoRvAx pREDiKAToR from France on NKS International orkoid trash krust tekno grind punk "da invazion has started. Tous aux abris !!!" NKS prod 52 KRoToK MoRvAx pREDiKAToR myspace NKS website
Topics: Krotok Morvax Predikator, NKS International, grind, punk, trash, ork, techno, electrogrind,...
"Rekombinacja from Wroclaw, Poland is back on NKS with a massive release : 69 traxxx & 69 minutes ! 69 meticulous & intense lessons about how to deconstruct & recombine samples of funky beats & metal guitars in order to create the ultimate destruction & terror. This is heavy, rhythmic, noisy, cybergrind & experimental. An explosive collusion of metal & breakcore. " Otto Psy [NKS International] release page artist page NKS website
Topics: experimental, metal, breakcore, glitch, cybergrind, grindcore, Poland, Wroclaw, NKS, NKS...
"From Tokyo, Japan, Coakira is back on NKS International Innaspaceship.Powazcatman will drive you from head to toe through extreme variations of tempo, from dubstep acidzone to extratone fearscape.Techno cyberpunk athmosphere inside your body. This is psychobiotic."Otto Psy [NKS International]release pageartist pageNKS webpage
Topics: techno, speedcore, extratone, dubstep, electronica, hardcore, Tokyo, NKS, NKS International
NKS International
by Buben
second lp of Buben on NKS International label (electro jungle breakcore)
Topics: Buben, NKS international, electro, jungle, breakcore
NKS International
by Sublethal Killing
Sublethal Killing alias Submission/Lies alias SubLove first ep on NKS International label breakbeat metal (electro hip hop rock hardcore indus) NKS prod 46 - 2010
Topics: Sublethal Killling, NKS International, breakbeat, metal, hip hop, electrorock, hardcore
NKS International
by The Draggstarr Layon
first The Draggstarr Layon ep NKS International label 4 tracks - 2007 - NKS prod 29
Topics: The Draggstarr Layon, NKS International, electrocore, noise, ragga death
"El magnifico bastardo muy prolifico est de retour pour un 6ème album NKS. Pas de doute, on reconnaît bien le bougre, et en même temps sa musique est plus posée, plus propre et maîtrisée. Deux pistes dubstep du plus bel effet ouvrent le bal, suivies d'un mashup kitch sur les bords qui groove le sud crasseux. On enchaîne sur une complainte de black mafioso pré-retraité qui fait la nique aux jeunes fougueux prêts à breveter le fil à couper le beurre. Suit...
Topics: Batard Tronique, Gangsta Paradise, breakbeat, dubstep, mashup, France, NKS, NKS International
2nd ep by The Draggstarr Layon from France on NKS International label may 2010 electro noise ragga death NKS prod 50
Topics: Draggstarr, Layon, electro, noise, ragga, death, France, NKS International
release page NKS webpage Rohstein composer and music producer, known for his experimental DJ and Live performances, studio composition and production. Born in Poland 1983. Also known as Eraser. Check his older free releases on Sociopath Recordings or Pavillon 36. Rekombinacja Wroclaw-based breakcore experimental dark ambient artist, he played live in his city with Merzbow, Bong-Ra, Limewax and more. Check his previous releases here. Ne3rg composer of ambient, breakcore, experimental &...
Topics: terror, grindcore, industrial, cybergrind, breakcore, powernoise, harshnoise, mashup, heavy dubstep
"Long-awaited EP by Sir Vixx from Chicago on NKS. The man started publishing his music few years ago on the great Taiwanese netlabel Sociopath Recordings. In 2012/13, he made 2 EP for Peace Off and he's back now in the free world. 4 powerful & cinematic tracks, breakcore-hardcore oriented. "Die" : nintendo teenage butchery "Rectal Prolapse" : porno with pain in the ass "Sickness" : metal destruction / rastafari mayhem for fun "Waste Of Flesh" :...
Topics: breakcore, hardcore, metal, speedcore, ragga, 8bit, Chicago, NKS, NKS International
NKS release page Sick Circuit NKS website "Digital hardcore once again on the NKS, but from the southern hemisphere this time. Here is the 9 track debut ep by Sick Circuit from Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia. The project created by Wils Evy started few months ago. Wils is also a member of the metalcore band The Greenroom Massacre. Fans of Atari Teenage Riot / Ministry / D-trash / techno industrial punk, you should appreciate their fresh and promising sound. We need more...
Topics: Sick Circuit, NKS International, digital hardcore, techno punk, industrial, punk, Australia
[fr] "Beaucoup de vitesse sans limitation, de violence gratuite et de bruit pour rien ces temps-ci au NKS, et c'est ça qui est bon. Pour souffler un peu quand même, voici un album dubcore sombre signé Aden Ohm. Pas trop de wooble, ouf, on est plus près de Hightone ou de Scorn que de Skrillex. "Where's my Glass" fait penser à du Massive Attack qui part en couille, "Débit de beat" est un hip hop style parade de freaks, "Tout le monde à la...
Topics: dub, dubcore, breakcore, industrial, drum'n'bass, Caen, NKS International, Aden Ohm
first ep by PORION breakcore digital punk from France co-release by NKS International (France) & Sociopath Recordings (Taiwan - SRmp3_195) 2010 - 6 trax SRmp3 195 NKS prod 58 Porion webpage NKS website Sociopath Rec. website
Topics: Porion, Sociopath Recordings, NKS International, breakcore, digital punk, digital hardcore,...
"One more digital hardcore release on NKS International, after Life.Renegade, Geyser & GRRZZZ (France), Sick Circuit (Australia) or Mechonat Hereg (Israël). Nina Terrorista agitators are from Bogota / Colombia & they already gave us 1 track 2 years ago on Lima El3ctronica vol. 1 compilation (Tacuara / NKS prod 49). Their brand new ep mixes once again the energy of punk -guitars, vocals & slogans- with electronic sounds -broken hard beats & electro synths & noises. It...
Topics: digital hardcore, digital punk, breakcore, drum'n'bass, techno, hardcore, electro, Nina Terrorista,...
release page Mike Stitches website NKS website total time : 11:33 june 2012 - NKS International Muzakillabel [fr]"Mohamed Merah aurait dû écouté le Narcoleptic Riot Project de Mike Stitches avant de se faire remarquer. Ca lui aurait ptet donné envie de fantasmer sa tuerie plutôt que de passer à l'acte. Un ep de NRP, c'est un peu comme se mater Seven ou Ichi The Killer, sauf que ça passe presque aussi vite qu'un TGV en ligne droite. We Have This Anthrax [NKSprod86] est...
Topics: NRP, grindcore, amen, noise, blast, metal, cybergrind, extreme, NKS International
NKS International
[fr] Du digital hardcore de Tel Aviv (Israël), dans la veine d'ATR vieille mouture, du punk gavé d'électronique simple, bruyant et brutal. Evil ninja, Mr. nice guy et Yamumi appellent à commencer l'émeute. En même temps, c'est un peu tous les jours l'émeute par chez eux à en croire les médias. Mais sûrement que leurs voisins se trompent d'émeute, la guerre entre peuples ou religions appartient à un autre âge. Enfin c'est tout ce que je nous souhaite, à...
Topics: NKS International, Mechonat Hereg, digital hardcore, hard electronics, noise, punk, Tel Aviv, Israel
"Tooth Eye is a good friend from the web based in Chicago. He already put together a great comp to celebrate Speedbass Community [NKS prod 61]. Some brand new tracks here and lots of collabs and remixes by/with Pollux, Metek, Syphilis Sauna, Safoh, Slopington Heights, CCDM, Matt Scratch, Sir.Vixx, Miskibaul, Porion & Ankole Watusi. This is a kind of deviant breakcore with mashup, jungle, speedbass, hardcore & experimental sounds inside. "A tooth in the eye, an eye in the...
Topics: breakcore, deviant, hardcore, experimental, Tooth Eye, Sir.Vixx, CCDM, Slopington Heights, Porion,...
"Brazilian/french connexion is back again on the NKS. We had already the great Killabomb, welcome to Murdarah ! Death by violence once again ! Murdarah is a gangsta junglist from Sao Paulo living in Barcelona. He loves classic amen breaks, huge sub-bass sounds & gangsta attitude. Enjoy the great mastering work he did on these trax. Download the zip file & you will be able to make your diy cdr box. Both brazilian dancefloor killaz will take part in the amazing Pokora night in London...
Topics: jungle, drum'n'bass, gangsta, Brasil, Sao Paulo, Barcelona, Murdarah, NKS, NKS International
4 trax - mp3 320kbout 2013-10-18"Evy ran one of our best netlabel in extreme metal & hard electronics : Wildness Records. She published 98 releases from 2008 to 2012. Mental D-Struction is her main project as a musician. One of her ep "Extrapolation²" was published 3 years ago on 14 different netlabels worlwide, celebrating the internet interaction & Creatives Commons. Now she is back with new material. Less heavy, less fast, broken & noisy, her music is now more...
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Topics: breakcore, ambient, noise, rhythmic noise, space, leben, uber, alles, mental, destruction,...
"MOOORE FAAYAAAAA... DUBSTEPPAAAAAAAAAAAZ !!! GlitchSteppa is a 4 hands project by Broken Toy and Ras Nando from Toulouse/ France. Far from being a newcomer, Broken Toy took part in the birth of breakcore in our pink city 8-10 years ago. He was in the Martel en tete team alongside GVK, Nevroz or Fuel In Sekt to name a few. Most of them went north but BT followed his activities in Toulouse on Radio FMR & in clubs as a dj. He played live in different places like Toulouse, Bruxelles,...
Topics: dub, dubstep, illbient, breakcore, idm, GlitchSteppa, Toulouse, NKS, NKS International
"Parce que l'oseille se fait rare, mais que tu cherches quand même à participer au méga festoyage mercantile en l'honneur de Papa Claus, voici la proposition décente du tonton Psy pour cette fin d'année : tu télécharges le nouveau Batard Tronique à partir du site du NKS Muzakillabel (ou Coma Recordz), tu te bricoles un petit cdr avec la jolie pochette qui est dans le zip au bon format imprimée maison, et en avant Fernand ! Parce que tu t'es pas payé une imprimante juste pour...
Topics: gipsy, balkan, breakcore, hardcore, electro, dubstep, hip hop, madness, NKS, NKS International
"Our newcomer KMS lives in Toulouse countryside. His first release is heavy amen breakcore in its classical form with a great variety of ambiances & samples, from trip hop standard to frenchy hardcore ragga, from weird glitches to metal riffs. A nice corruption of sounds." Otto Psy [NKS International] release page artist page NKS website
Topics: KMS, Kam's, Corruption, breakcore, Portishead, Raggasonic, glitch, NKS, NKS International, Toulouse
"Mind your ears, trustafari ! Some noisy breaks from Halifax, UK, by Rat Bastard aka. Thaddius Cunt aka. Kamikaze Deadboy. This is part 2 of Straight Edge Trustafarians Cuts : Die Trustafari ! Distorted amens, reggae punk cuts or silly vocal samples should bring you to extatic pain. But if you are a long term unemployed hippy with money from daddy on your bank account, you will probably be dead at the end of the listening. I recommend to the alive audience not to forget to check part 1 and...
Topics: cuts, mashup, noise, breakcore, punk, reggae, rat, bastard, trustafari, cumshot, UK, NKS, NKS...
"Di-Bit is from Tsu, Mie, breakcore musician and manager of Merry Works label. Made of 4 traxxx, his 'Doll Attack' ep is short & intense, you should ask for more. Japanese breakcore at its best." [Otto Psy - NKS International] release page artist webpage NKS website
Topics: di-bit, breakcore, idm, 8bit, Japan, NKS, NKS International
3 track ep - 2012/03/09 - NKS International "New drum'n'bass release on NKS International by Combine from Antwerp, Belgium. Powerful & menacing dnb as usual here but some acid synths and technoid rhythms too. The man's also promoting dnb, hardcore & breakcore in his city : "Under Destruction 2" will take place on saturday march 30 2012, featuring artists from NW Europe such as Current Value, Donny, Sickboy Milkplus, Combine of course, to name just a few. Good luck...
Topics: drum'n'bass, dnb, dark dnb, dakstep, technoid, acid, Combine, NKS International, Antwerp
[en] "Breakcore speedcore by Orlando Gabber from 45 HxC Krew / France with 2 trash MC who give some human feelings to these traxx made of fast and brutal broken kicks, explosions of amen, & epileptic glitches. Orléans HxC new style in your face !" [fr] "Du son bien explosé, rapide, dense et brutal en provenance du 45 HxC Krew basé à Orléans. Les deux trasheurs hiphopeurs MC Massacre et MC Checy qu'Orlando a eu la bonne idée d'inviter apportent une touche...
Topics: breakcore, hardcore, gabber, speedcore, glitch, mc, Massacre, Checy, Orlando Gabber, Orléans, 45...
release page Mike Stitches website NKS website total time : 3:24 june 2012 - NKS International Muzakillabel [fr]"Mohamed Merah aurait dû écouté le Narcoleptic Riot Project de Mike Stitches avant de se faire remarquer. Ca lui aurait ptet donné envie de fantasmer sa tuerie plutôt que de passer à l'acte. Un ep de NRP, c'est un peu comme se mater Seven ou Ichi The Killer, sauf que ça passe presque aussi vite qu'un TGV en ligne droite. We Have This Anthrax [NKSprod86] est...
Topics: NRP, Mike Stitches, grindcore, cybergrind, noise, brutal, dense, metal, NKS International
"New World Order" is the first full-length album by Cold Metal Future. Kanza from Bassookah (check NKS prod 54 & 65) & Max Force created their new project last year, a drum'n'bass act from The Netherlands as they say. Not a lot of groove in their music, but a cold metal feeling, real guitar sometimes, rough sound, minimalist compositions, prominent bass & old skool jungle beats. A journey through the cold days of war, genocide & crisis in Occidental World Order. In the...
Topics: cold, jungle, drum'n'bass, Cold Metal Future, NKS International
"Third album by Cold Metal Future on the NKS and probably the best. A very recognizable sound, rough, ambient & melodic. A better rhythmic section made of weird amen breaks & drum'n'bass beats, cold synth lines, piano & bass guitar. Once again CMF show us a great interest for russian avant-garde born about 100 years ago : 6 trax contain samples taken from russian poetry made in the pre & early sovietic era. All about utopia & futurism. But CMF can turn to west : Dod...
Topics: cold metal future, cold, metal, future, jungle, drum'n'bass, dub, weird, dod beverte, black saturn,...
Release page diy dvd-r coming with NKS prod 83 Phyloxera webpage NKS website "[en] Rock and phyloxera -pest of grapevines- were both from US origins and introduced in France a long time ago. Phyloxera is now a one man band playing harsh noise rock or industrial mathrock with such great influences as Big Black, Merzbow or Primus. He is from Champagne where phyloxera destroyed a large part of vineyard, but he lives now in Lille / France. Phyloxera shared the stage with Neptune, Puce Moment,...
Topics: phyloxera, phylloxéra, noiserock, industrial, mathrock, punk rock, NKS International